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Secfi for Startups

Make your employees’ equity worth it

We explain the details of equity compensation, clarify the tax consequences of various equity milestones, and make sure your employees understand your company’s specific option plan.
Your employees get access to equity planning tools that integrate personalized grant details and your company’s latest equity information to help them make informed decisions.
Our Equity Strategists work directly with your team to answer questions about their stock options, taxes, and more.
We provide financing that covers the full cost of exercising stock options, doesn't put personal assets at risk, and allows employees to retain full ownership of shares.
Trusted by employees from leading startups
What our clients say

Why a Happy Money executive financed his equity with Secfi, then introduced it to the entire company:

I'd rather tell employees on the day they get their offer that they have a partnership with Secfi to consider after your 12­-month cliff.
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Dan Sinner
Chief Customer Officer at Happy Money
What our clients say
When we asked our employees about one of the most meaningful financial wellness benefits we could offer, they asked us to help them understand and own their stock options ahead of important events like funding rounds so they know the implications and full cost of exercising their options.
TJ Milani, Chief Financial Officer, Figure

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  • Employees retain full ownership of shares
  • No change to capitalization table
  • No need to pay back until an exit
  • No impact on 409A valuation