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All exercise costs are covered

We provide you the cash needed to pay your stock option exercise costs, including taxes. And you retain full ownership of your shares.

Pay later, with no personal recourse

You only owe the amount financed plus a fee when your company goes public or gets acquired. Your personal assets are never on the line.

Guidance from an Equity Strategist

Our Equity Strategists understand the nuances of stock options and related taxes (and talk about it all day long).

No repayment until a company exit

Unlike a loan, which requires you to begin repayment immediately, you don’t pay anything until your company goes public or gets acquired. If they don’t, you don't pay it back. Really.

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Exercise VS. liquidity

What's included in Secfi Financing

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Exercise Financing
Cash to cover all exercise costs including taxes
Liquidity Financing
Tap into the value of your 
shares without selling
Exercise costs
Cash without selling your shares
No prepayment penalty

How we do what we do

We take on the risk for you

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What our clients say
Secfi felt like the safest option. There is upside and almost no downside, and I might as well play it safe.
Engineering leader at a pre-IPO startup

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