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The Benefits of Exercise Financing and Loans

Own your options, on your terms

Pay later

Secfi Financing

Own your stock options without paying out of pocket -- or at all -- until your company exits.

Pay back only if your company exits, such as an IPO

We cover all exercise costs including taxes — if there’s no exit, you don’t pay it back.

Minimize tax costs by financing early

Get ahead of any potential increase in exercise tax costs and start the clock on long-term capital gains.

Maximize tax write-offs

You may be able to deduct our fees from your tax return after you’ve repaid.

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Choose how you want to exercise

Two ways to exercise your stock options - Secfi Financing or a Secfi Loan

With financing or a loan, exercise stock options your way.

Fixed Payment Loans

Secfi Loans

Get the cash you need to cover your exercise costs -- and more -- with monthly payment loans.

HR at a startup

The only loan designed for startup employees

Upon applying, we'll factor in the value of your stock options, making it possible to offer more than traditional personal loans, for those that are approved.

Fixed payment amounts

All payment plans are fixed (meaning no compounding interest) and allow flexible terms to fit your unique timeline.

No prepayment penalties

Pay off your loan at any time at no additional cost.

Stock Option Exercise Costs

Find out how much you need to cover your exercise costs

introducing secondaries

Get cash by selling your private stock

We help you sell your private startup stock through our network of secondary markets, partners, and buyers.

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What our clients say
This is a huge responsibility because if I do it right, it impacts my children and their children. Financing with Secfi is a no-brainer.
Joe, startup employee at leading pre-IPO startup
San Francisco

We'll help you choose what's right for you

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